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About Vitz Law

We are dedicated to the defense of those accused of crimes

Tony Vitz

Tony Vitz has over 35 years of courtroom experience. He graduated from South Texas College of Law, in Houston, Texas in 1988 having received a Business Administration Finance degree from Texas Tech in 1984. Since earning his law degree, he has continued training consistently to remain an expert in the law. In 1999, Tony attended the Trial Lawyer’s College in Wyoming, which consists of a select group of lawyers from across the country who specialize in helping people.

While at the Trial Lawyer’s College, he was introduced to Psychodrama. Tony has extensive training in the use of psychodrama techniques and has a lot of success in applying these techniques to many of his complex cases. Psychodrama is, “a therapeutic approach that uses guided drama and role-playing to help individuals express their feelings, resolve conflicts, and gain insights into their behavior.” This training has given Tony the tools to understand his client’s stories and enable him to effectively share them with a judge or jury.   Additionally, he uses his skills to assist other lawyers to prepare them for the obstacles that stand in the way of justice. Tony has also continued his training by serving on the Trial Lawyer’s College faculty and as a Director of TCDLA’s Advanced Trial Skills Workshop. 

Tony grew up in McKinney and remains a respected member and resident of the community. Tony’s main practice is in Collin County, and he knows the Collin County Courthouse like the back of his hand. He also practices in surrounding counties frequently.

Areas of Practice

  • Criminal Defense
  • Trial Lawyer
  • Grand Jury Representation
  • Assisting Lawyers with Focus Groups and Trial Skills

Tony's practice focuses on representing people, not corporations or governments, and he has been defending citizens accused for over thirty-five years.

Bar Admissions

•     State Bar of Texas

Professional Memberships

•    Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

•    Trial Lawyers College

Natalya Packer

Criminal Defense Paralegal & Law Office Manager

Natalya has worked for Vitz Law since April of 2019. She currently holds the position of Paralegal and Law Office Manager. Natalya earned her degree in Paralegal Studies, along with her Paralegal Certification, both through an American Bar Association (“ABA”) accredited program. She graduated Cum Laude, “with honors,” for her hard work and high grades throughout her degree and certification program.  Natalya has a passion for the work she does. She cares deeply for our clients and their cases, and never shies away from putting in the extra hours needed to make sure our clients get the help they need. Her life experience, work ethic, and knowledge keeps Vitz Law a well-oiled machine with happy clients.