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We Practice Law Differently

All cases are different. All lawyers are different. At Vitz Law, we understand the difference and the importance of each client’s story.


You need the right Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney, chances are you or someone you care about are caught up in the criminal justice system.

Our criminal justice system does not always treat people fairly, or with the respect they deserve. Without a talented lawyer defending you, you become vulnerable to the unbalanced scales of justice. The laws and court rules can be complicated, and the State's resources are vast. 

The right criminal defense attorney should be invested in your case and your future. You need a lawyer who is willing to take your case to trial, is an expert in the law, and who understands your story. We are all different, but a good trial lawyer can help a Jury or Judge walk a mile in your shoes so they understand the real story behind your case. All too often, the "facts" in a police report don't align with reality. Your lawyer should do a thorough, independent investigation of the allegations made to make sure you are not convicted based on a false, or misleading story. 

You need a criminal defense attorney that can give you an honest evaluation of your case and the legal defenses available to you. A trial is not always necessary, but a competent, caring criminal defense attorney is. You wouldn't buy a used car without knowing the Blue Book value. You wouldn't buy a new home without talking to an inspector. And you shouldn't proceed in a criminal case without a criminal defense lawyer who is realistic, knowledgeable, and honest. You need to meet with an expert who cares about you and your future.

Tony Vitz has over 35 years of courtroom experience. He has been training consistently since 1999, when he attended the legendary Trial Lawyer’s College in Wyoming; a select group of lawyers from across the country who specialize in helping people.

We practice law differently. 

All cases are different. All lawyers are different. At Vitz Law, we understand the difference and the importance of each client’s story. We don’t run a case mill at Vitz Law. It’s not a game of volume for us. It’s not a game at all. It’s your life, and what happens matters.  

If you’ve been accused or charged with an offense, you’ve got a unique life experience that can be told by a lawyer who cares and understands what you’ve been through. That is what makes a difference for any judge or jury. 

Give us a call at (972) 569-8600.


-T. V.

Tony really knows what time it is! He knows the system like the back of his hand. I had a DWI, and was really in trouble, until Tony stepped into the picture. He solved my problem, got my case dismissed, and answered all my questions along the way. Tony’s assistant, Natalya, was great too! Always there to answer questions, quick to respond to emails, and just a genuinely sweet Lady! You CANNOT go wrong with Tony, and his Team!

- C. R.

Attorney Tony Vitz is an OUTSTANDING person, an EXCELLENT ATTORNEY, that knows the courts, judges, procedures and had the VERY BEST intentions for me from day 1.
His CLAIRTY and TRANSPARENCY in MY difficult situation, were PROVEN to me with my case being dismissed.
It is not often that a person of his QUALIFICATION, TRUST and DETEMINATION is found.
His VALUE far EXCEEDED the final cost. (He even worked with me on payment)
I consider him a FRIEND.
He has my RESPECT and CONFIDENCE not only in his Law Firm, but as a TRUSTED "GO-TO" PROFESSIONNAL for the rest of my life.

- C. H.

Tony Vitz is an amazing attorney. He is kind, understanding and compassionate. There wasn’t a moment where I felt judged or as if I were just a case file. His assistant Natalya is sweet and very responsive. Tony made sure I understood every step of the process and went out of his way to get me exactly what I needed. The outcome was better than I had hoped and it was quick, painless and almost effortless. I feel like I walked away with a great experience and potentially a new friend.

- F. C.

Tony is a beast. This man went to work and the results were incredible. 10/10 performance.

- K. H.

Tony really helped me in a time in my life that I made a mistake and helped to coach me, give me advice, and helped me to ultimately be a better person. Tony isn’t just a Lawyer in my eyes he is a friend, and cares about me and my family! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hard work and dedication you put in for me. I so appreciate you and will 110% recommend Tony Vitz as a Lawyer to anyone needing help with something!

- D. W.

TODAY was one of the best days of my life! Words can’t express how grateful and appreciative I am for Tony VITZ! He and his entire staff did an amazing job from day 1. I was charged with suspicion of DWI and Tony gathered all of the facts of the case. I was super nervous and he assured me that he would work very diligently but was very transparent. He always answered my calls, questions, as well as Debbie and Natayla! We did a trial by judge today and I put 100% faith in his expertise and confidence. When the judge read the verdict “NOT GUILTY” I was overjoyed and I would recommend this law firm to anyone that is facing charges against them. This team is about their business and when they go to working on your case, it’s nonstop. I have not once felt like I was just a client to them. I felt a family-like connection and once you hire them, be honest, patient, and allow them to work tirelessly on your behalf. In the event I would need criminal defense representation, it wouldn’t be a question if I’d use them again. They saved my livelihood, reputation, headaches, and worries. VITZ Law Firm is the best to EVER do it and I’m a living witness!!!!If you are in need of A DUI/DWI criminal defense, HIRE TONY VITZ LAW FIRM ASAP! They are a superb class act!

- J. D.

If faced with any alcohol related offenses I highly recommend Tony Vitz. He's very experienced, down to earth and efficient in what he does. He worked with me in every way possible and accommodated me as best as he could. And the best part is he did exactly what he said he would and I was extremely grateful with the outcome of my case. Again, I highly recommend Vitz Law Office to assist you with any DUI or DWI offense.

- P. B.

Tony is THE BEST attorney in McKinney. Highly responsive to calls, emails, texts. Explains everyting in a way a person can understand. Never arrogant or unfriendly. Very down to earth and cares about you, and your family. I really can't think of enough good things to say about Tony.

- S. O.

I highly recommend this law office. Tony was my attorney, and I would use him over 100 times over if I had to. He was hands down the best, he thoroughly explained to me my dwi process, the law and expectations. He is very personable, funny, and knows his stuff! Great job Tony Vitz and thank you for making my life easier!

- D. N.

I spent over 2 decades in a Texas prison and had been free for 10 years before there was a allegation of domestic abuse, and I was facing the reminder of my life in prison if found guilty...attorneys Tony and James battled for me and prevented the case from going to trial by battling the case at the grand jury stage and was successful with a NO BILL. I had already paid for my own funeral and purchased my burial plot because I feared the indefinite torture of incarceration...these lawyers are the reason why my body still contains my soul...Thanks to Tony, James and Natalia for saving my Life...

glad to say that I don't have to take my own life to be free. I am so grateful to them.
Love all of you forever. Thank you so much and God bless.